Thursday, July 14, 2011

Chodega Updates

What's up, bananas. Even though we've been relatively quiet for the last 6 months, things have been busy on the Chodega front. We've recorded 4 new episodes, plus 3 episodes of a special segment called "Learn Korean With Mr. Cho." We're hoping that we'll have the segments finished and uploaded by August. The four "full" episodes will be done by the end of the year; keep an eye on this blog, we're hoping to have another "release party" along the lines of what we did at the Creek and the Cave last December.

Other things in the works:
  • CHODEGA.COM is on its way and should be up by next week.  It'll have links to all the Youtube videos, this blog, etc.
  • Director Thomas Rosario will be doing an interview with Matt Lehtola of Break Thru Radio in a few weeks.
  • We'll be starting a Facebook page soon, so get ready to hit that "Like" button like it owes you money.
  • We're doing our first promotional push, with stickers, business cards, and even trading cards of some of our characters.  If you want any of these, please e-mail us at thechodega[at]  
  • We're also looking into getting t-shirts made - if you know somewhere cheap that does 4-colour screen printing, let us know!

Thanks to everyone for their support, you're gonna love where we go next.

All the best, Adrian.


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